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Focusing on the integration of industry and finance, HBIS continues to promote the financialization of industrial assets and the industrialization of financial capital, and successively established a series of finance and quasi-finance companies, such as HBIS Finance, HBIS Leasing, HBIS Factoring, HBIS Electricity Sales, HBIS Carbon Assets and HBIS Cloud Technology. The industrial finance segment has developed rapidly and become an important pole of benefit growth for the group. In 2018, HBIS Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. was established as a wholly-owned enterprise of HBIS, serving as an investment control platform and industry-finance coordination platform for the group's financial industry, and implementing strategic control over the group's financial and quasi-financial enterprises.

球信网app安全:Integration of Industry and finance

Construct important pole of profit growth.


Relying on the whole industry chain of iron and steel, we will optimize the allocation of financial elements, explore a new path for the main business of financial services, improve the professionalization and marketization of the financial industry, and build a highly competitive cluster of industrial financial services with a full range of sectors. Based on HBIS Supply Chain as platform, HBIS industrial finance segment will expand from procurement-logistics to sales-customers, build a platform-based business integration and control model, form an industrial finance service system with HBIS characteristics, and provide professional financial services based on the industrial chain to the society as well.